Multiple Benefits to Attending Wonder Makers Training

We want to let you know of another benefit to attending a Wonder Makers Environmental training course. We are frequently asked to evaluate products to find out what is best for our industry and let our students know what we have learned. Sometimes when manufacturers hear we are independently promoting their product, they offer us a sales commission or finder’s fee for new clients. 
We don’t accept these commissions since we don’t want to compromise our objectivity. We want our students to benefit, so we ask the manufacturers to pass the savings on to our students. The most recent arrangement is with Timilon – producers of the OdorKlenz cartridges and HEPA Filters. We also have discounts available for Bio-Reveal ATP Meters and we are currently working with MaxAir to determine discount for students.  These deals are available for past and present students of any of our classes. If you are a former student and would like more information on these discounts, please call us at 888-382-4154. 
We look forward to seeing you in class. To register:

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